Tomorrow the curtain falls on the World Rafting, Sondrio greets the athletes

Today semi-finals of the RX in Boffetto and tonight, from 20:00 to 22:00 pure adrenaline, under the light of the light towers of the Civil Protection Group of A2A, for the finals of the most spectacular race of these World Rafting Championships.

The grand final tomorrow in Sondrio, at Parco Bartesaghi, where at 14.30 will be inaugurated the new race field built by the Municipality of Sondrio.
Expected also Ivo Farriani of the IOC invited by the president of the WRF Danilo Barmaz.

A ribbon cutting that will see directors and representatives of the press experience the thrill of a descent with the guides of the Indomita Valtellina River.

At about 15.00 is expected the start of the World Rafting Federation Super Cup, breathtaking RX challenge among the 4 best nations.

At 17.30, always at Bartesaghi Park, awards ceremony and closing of the WRF World Senior Rafting Championships 2023.

From Sondrio the party moves back to Piateda where, thanks to 21:00 at the Punto Verde there will be, as part of Ambria Jazz, the concert of the group MUDPIE.

On Sunday the guest athletes will leave!
To all of them a big thank you from the Indomita Valtellina River.

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