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Over 30 countries and a total of 400 of the best athletes from around the world will compete to the last paddle stroke on the rapids of the river Adda in the WRF Senior World Rafting Championships, the world's number-one rafting event.

The World Rafting Federation (WRF) has entrusted the 2023 World Championships to the Federazione Italiana Rafting (FIRAFT).The 2023 World Championships are an opportunity to experience the thrill of the sport and discover a magnificent natural area with a wealth of landscapes, culture, food and wine.


The event organiser is Adda Viva indomita Valtellina River, the number-one rafting and outdoor centre in LOMBARDY.

Officially and legally recognised by the Italian rafting federation FIRAFT and affiliated to F.I.C.K, the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, Adda Viva Indomita Valtellina River counts among its ranks highly qualified canoe instructors and rafting guides. A large number of young and very young Indomita members have obtained excellent results in regional and national competitions. Over 30 countries and a total of 400 of the best athletes from around the world will compete to the last paddle stroke on the rapids of the river Adda in the WRF Senior World Rafting Championships, the world's number-one rafting event.

Athletes, enthusiasts, sports lovers and tourists will enliven the banks of the ADDA, the scene of a week of competitions and numerous initiatives run by the organising committee.


All about Rafting

For those who don't already know, rafting comes from the verb "to raft", meaning to navigate rivers and streams on a raft. The basic ingredients: CURRENT and ADRENALINE

Extremely popular with tourists all over the world, competitive RAFTING is exciting and spectacular, and includes distance races, CLASSIC DOWNRIVER, SLALOM and sprint. Male, female, mixed and paralympic teams will compete on the Adda.

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The event venues

At 313 km, the Adda is Italy's fourth longest river.

It rises in the Rhaetian Alps at 2,237 metres above sea level in the Alpisella valley on the southern slope of Monte del Ferro, within the Stelvio National Park, which adjoins the Fraele valley with the artificial lakes of Cancano and San Giacomo. In Valtellina the Adda runs for some 125 km, and is enlarged by a number of tributaries: the Roasco, the Poschiavino, the Mallero and the Masino. The river finally arrives at Lake Como.

The Rafting World Championships take place in two main areas


The provincial capital of SONDRIO is a peaceful little city surrounded by green countryside: a small jewel in northern Italy. The area offers numerous opportunities for leisure and entertainment: stroll through the historic centre, visit the churches, museums, castles and stately homes, or walk the Via dei Terrazzamenti. The Valtellina side of the Rhaetian Alps is Europe's most easterly wine-growing area. There are over 2,000 kilometres of marvellous and ancient dry stone walls supporting the vineyards that grow the Nebbiolo of the Alps. It's an enchanting landscape that inspired Ermanno Olmi to make his documentary "Rupi del Vino". History, culture, nature, food and wine make Sondrio an unmissable destination.


PIATEDA is a small municipality in the central Valtellina. A few kilometres from Sondrio, Piateda has always been linked with white-water sports: canoeing, kayaking and rafting. Here, on the Boffetto rapids, international competitions have taken place, attracting the world's top canoeists and rafters. Piateda is a welcoming village with a focus on water. From the European Canoe Championships (2008 and 2009) to the World Canoe Championships in 2014. Piateda has a decades-long friendship and collaboration with Adda Viva Indomita Valtellina River; and now, with the World Rafting Championships, it enters an important new chapter.


The RAFTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are the result of a challenge accepted by ADDA VIVA INDOMITA VALTELLINA RIVER with the support of a number of public and private sponsors.

It is thanks to them that the ADDA and its magnificent area are once again in the spotlight.

Energy for ideas with:

Regione Lombardia
Provincia di Sondrio
Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio
Comune di Sondrio
Comune di Piateda
Comune di Albosaggia
Comune di Castione
Comune di Poggiridenti

Energy for sport with:


Energy for culture with:

Civica Scuola di Musica Danza Teatro della provincia di Sondrio
Banda di Albosaggia
Banda di Ardenno

Energy for collaboration with:

Protezione Civile A2A
Generali - Agenzia Sondrio Garibaldi
Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Intrecci - Società cooperativa sociale
Pura Comunicazione

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Energy for Valtellina with:



Today semi-finals of the RX in Boffett o and tonight, from 20:00 to 22:00 pure adrenaline, under the light of the light towers of the Civil Protection Group of A2A, for the finals of the most spectacular race of these World...

The Adda with its rapids of Boffetto never disappoints. Very technical and fast trait, Boffetto proves to be always up to expectations. They say the athletes, the best rafters in the world, of the 32 nations present in...

It was an evening of sport, friendship and spectacle last night in Piazza Garibaldi. The flags of 32 nations colored the center of Sondrio, from Piazza Teresina Tua along Via Piazzi and Corso Italia, for the opening ceremony of...

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