The rapids of Boffetto enchant the world of Rafting

The Adda with its rapids of Boffetto never disappoints.
Very technical and fast trait, Boffetto proves to be always up to expectations.
They say the athletes, the best rafters in the world, of the 32 nations present in Valtellina for this beautiful edition of the World Rafting WRF Senior World Rafting Championships.

Thanks to the river of course, but also to the municipal administration led by the mayor Simone Marchesini who welcomed this event making them feel at home the more than 380 athletes present.

The Municipality of Piateda has been alongside the Indomita Valtellina River for years and is concretely so with attention, listening and availability.

The race camp of Boffetto is perfect and it has always been perfect for international competitions whether it is canoeing or rafting as in this case.

Only 2 days to the closing of the World Cup, but we already think about the future because this small and cozy village can really become, also in terms of services both for athletes and for the thousands of tourists who every year descend the river thanks to the Indomita Valtellina River, a real reference center for wild water sports.

The ideas are many, the Indomita trusts a lot in the strength of this pact of water tightened by now 20 years with Piateda.

We need vision, a shared strategy and concrete projects that can be achieved, who knows, by 2026 when Valtellina will host the Winter Olympic Games.

Meanwhile tomorrow - Friday, June 30 - do not miss the RX, the most exciting and adrenaline race of the World Cup that will be held at night from 20:00.

The rapids will be illuminated by the lighthouses positioned and managed by the association of volunteers of the Civil Protection Group of A2A, led by Roberto Corona, always alongside Indomita River.

The Indomita awaits you many.
Tomorrow we will update you on all the news

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