Rafting World Cup, the first teams arrived in Valtellina.

The first teams of this World Rafting Championship have already reached the Valtellina.

Of the 32 nations that will compete along the rapids of Boffetto (Piateda) and Sondrio from June 26 to July 1, India, Costa Rica, Japan and Brazil have already arrived and are training.
Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine are also expected soon.
Great news of this World 2023, the participation of 4 African countries: Morocco, Gana, Senegal and Uganda.
Clearly expected the national team!
A World Rafting Championship - WRF Senior World Rafting Championships - full of curiosity and projects that go far beyond mere competition.

Sport becomes an opportunity and an instrument for the promotion of peace and dialogue among countries.
The World Rafting Federation adheres to the "Peace for Sport" project of the "Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport".
It is a neutral and independent organization based in the Principato of Monaco and sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco.
This project will be dedicated a short moment during the opening ceremony on June 27 at 20.00 in Piazza Garibaldi in Sondrio.

In many countries, present in Valtellina, there are, in fact, ongoing conflicts and humanitarian tragedies that continue to kill and starve millions of people. The data collected in March 2022 count 59 ongoing wars.

Among the many journalists present, will reach Valtellina also the American Andres Vasquez of Makerule Media in the wake of the Colombian team.
The Colombian team, in fact, is formed by former FARC fighters, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia.
Vasquez is making a documentary within the project "Rafting for Peace - Remando por la Paz".

Rafting for peace, then, but also for the environment.
The WRF is also a member of the "One Tree Planted" project. At every major event, every registered athlete receives a donation for a tree to be planted in areas of the world at greater risk of deforestation. Uganda was chosen for the 2023 World Rafting Championship in Valtellina.
Always on the subject of sustainability, these World Championships will be Plastic Free.
The Organizing Committee of the Indomita Valtellina River together with the Consorzio Beertellina, in fact, has arranged that the beer of the World Rafting Championship will be served  - on June 27 at 20.00 in Piazza Garibaldi and on July 1 at the Park Bartesaghi - in eco-friendly glasses that can be disposed of in the wet.
Not only, at the Bartesaghi Park, thanks to the collaboration with SECAM, will be prepared a series of fountains to which athletes, equipped with aluminum bottle, can stock up.

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