A night... of celebration in Piazza Garibaldi!

It was an evening of sport, friendship and spectacle last night in Piazza Garibaldi. The flags of 32 nations colored the center of Sondrio, from Piazza Teresina Tua along Via Piazzi and Corso Italia, for the opening ceremony of the WRF Senior World Rafting Championships. Competitions officially opened by the president of the World Rafting Federation, Danilo Barmaz.

Music, dance, night descent along the Mallero by the rafting guide of the Indomita Valtellina River and to conclude fireworks.

In these shots all the warmth and hospitality reserved for athletes and federal leaders from the city of Sondrio and the numerous institutions present - Municipality of Sondrio and Piateda, Province, BIM, Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio - as well as sponsors and many volunteers involved for months in the preparation of the World Rafting

A grateful and moving greeting that the President of the Organizing Committee of the Indomitable Valtellina River Benedetto Del Zoppo addressed to a festive and enthusiastic square: "For a week you will make our river the terrain of exciting challenges. We have done our best to live up to expectations and we hope we have succeeded. I do not list the countless people to whom goes my deepest thanks, those who have made this possible know it and know very well how much effort and how many obstacles we have had to overcome. We made it, because rowing together, all in the same direction, you always get where you want. Valtellina is called to great challenges in the near future, I think of the Winter Olympics of 2026 and I am sure that in this case too our Province will make itself talk. Thank you for being here tonight. Good luck to you athletes. Be loyal, correct, give the best, we will be at your side making you feel at home!"

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